The world of artificial intelligence has introduced us to numerous innovative applications, and one such fascinating creation is Midjourney AI. 

Midjourney AI is an art generator that utilizes text-to-image prompts to create captivating visual artworks. The quality of the art generated heavily depends on the prompt given, thus people often consider getting a prompt engineering certificate to quickly learn this new hot skill.

However, to foster a respectful and inclusive community and ensure responsible usage, Midjourney has implemented rules and guidelines that restrict certain words and phrases. 

Today we will delve into how Midjourney blocks and bans words, ensuring a positive and considerate user environment.

What is not allowed in Midjourney?

Before delving into the mechanisms of how Midjourney blocks and bans words, it’s essential to understand the scope of restricted content on the platform. 

Midjourney AI’s community guidelines and rules emphasize creating a PG-13 environment where kindness and respect are prioritized. 

The guidelines prohibit various forms of content, including but not limited to:

1. Violence and Gore

Midjourney strictly prohibits content that promotes violence, gore, or explicit depictions of severed body parts, cannibalism, and similar themes.

2. Adult and NSFW Content

The platform maintains a family-friendly atmosphere by banning adult, explicit, and NSFW (Not Safe for Work) content, including nudity and sexual imagery.

3. Harassment and Aggression

Midjourney does not tolerate content that involves harassment, aggression, or abusive language targeted at individuals or groups.

4. Offensive Language

Using derogatory language, racist remarks, homophobic comments, and offensive slurs is strictly forbidden on the platform.

5. Taboo Themes and Drugs

The guidelines cover taboo themes and drug-related content, aiming to provide all users a safe and respectful environment.

How does Midjourney Block or Ban Words?

The process of blocking and banning words on Midjourney involves a combination of automated filters, AI moderation, and community involvement. 

Midjourney has developed a multi-layered approach that evolves over time to adapt to user behavior and emerging challenges to strike a balance between creativity and safety.

Automated Word Filters

Midjourney employs automated word filters designed to detect and censor certain words and phrases that violate the platform’s guidelines. 

These filters are programmed to identify keywords related to violence, adult content, harassment, and other prohibited themes. When users input these keywords in their text prompts, the filters trigger and prevent generating corresponding images.

So we can see the text prompts are crucial to success in Midjourney. Consider reading a Midjourney Prompt Engineering guide to familiarize yourself with the concepts.

Feel free to learn the Prompt Engineering cheat sheet if you don’t want to spend too much time on learning prompt engineering. This how does Midjourney block or ban words.

Evolution of Banned Word Lists

The list of banned words on Midjourney is not static; it evolves based on user behavior, emerging trends, and changing language usage. 

Regular updates to the banned word list ensure that new terms and phrases that violate the guidelines are accounted for. 

This adaptive approach helps the platform avoid potential misuse and maintains a positive user experience.

AI Moderation and Appeals Process| How does Midjourney Block or Ban Words?

Midjourney has implemented a sophisticated AI moderation system that consists of two layers. The initial layer involves a fast AI scan that categorizes text prompts and attempts to identify potentially problematic content. 

If this initial scan flags a user’s prompt, they can appeal the decision.

The appeal process involves a more advanced AI evaluation, where the user can provide context and explain the intent behind the prompt. 

If the appeal is successful, the user is granted permission to generate images based on their prompt. 

This appeals system strives to strike a balance between automation and human intervention, ensuring fairness and accuracy in content evaluation.

Community Involvement

Midjourney encourages its community to contribute to the refinement of the banned word list. A Google sheet is used to maintain an updated list of banned words, and users can provide input and suggestions for words that should be included or excluded from the list. 

This collaborative approach ensures that the platform’s guidelines align with the expectations and sensitivities of the user community.

Striking the Balance

Balancing the creative freedom of users with the need to maintain a respectful and safe environment is a complex challenge. 

Midjourney acknowledges the importance of fostering a positive community where users can freely express themselves while adhering to the platform’s rules. 

The platform’s guidelines and enforcement mechanisms aim to achieve this balance by incorporating both automated processes and human oversight.

How does midjourney block or ban words

Midjourney’s approach to blocking and banning words demonstrates its commitment to providing a creative and respectful environment for users to explore AI-generated art. 

By implementing automated word filters, an evolving list of banned words, AI moderation with an appeals process, and community involvement, Midjourney strikes a balance between creative freedom and responsible usage. 

This multi-layered approach ensures that the platform remains a space where users can harness AI technology to produce inspiring artwork while promoting kindness and respect within the community. 

As AI continues to evolve, platforms like Midjourney set an example for responsible and user-centric AI applications.