After learning generative AI, Midjourney is usually one of the most popular tools used, it is a service accessible on discord and is used to create all sorts of images based on text prompts given by its user.

Today we aim to provide a comprehensive list of commands for the Midjourney Bot on Discord. However, keep in mind these may change with time, so you may want to consult the official Midjourney command list documentation in case you need further help.

It includes the exact command wording and provides a detailed explanation of each command’s functionality and usage. 

Whether you’re a newcomer or an experienced user, we will help you explore the exciting world of Midjourney. 

So, let’s begin!

Introduction to Midjourney Commands

The Midjourney Bot on Discord opens up a world of creative possibilities by allowing users to interact and perform various tasks using a range of commands. 

These commands enable users to generate images based on text prompts, adjust settings, manage preferences, access FAQs, and more. 

Whether you’re looking to create stunning visual art or explore the capabilities of AI-generated images, the Midjourney Bot has you covered.

To get started, you can use the following commands:


Command: /imagine [prompt] 

Description: This command generates an image based on the provided text prompt. Type the command followed by your desired prompt, and Midjourney will work magic to create a unique visual representation of your idea.

Remember the image will be as good as the prompt, so it is important to learn to write effective prompts for the best results.


Command: /help 

Description: If you ever need assistance or want to explore the available orders, the /help command is your go-to. It provides an overview of the commands and their functionalities, making it easier for you to navigate and make the most out of Midjourney.


Command: /info 

Description: Curious about the inner workings of Midjourney? The /info command provides valuable information about the bot, its capabilities, and the underlying AI technology. It’s an excellent command to learn more about the system behind the magic.


Command: /subscribe 

Description: Stay up to date with the latest features, updates, and announcements from Midjourney using the /subscribe command. It ensures you receive notifications and never miss out on exciting developments in the Midjourney community.

Advanced Image Generation Commands

Once you’ve familiarized yourself with the basic commands, you can take your creations to the next level by exploring the advanced parameters available in Midjourney. 

These parameters provide finer control over the generated images, allowing you to customize the output’s style, quality, and other aspects.

Stylize Commands

Midjourney offers various commands to control the artistic style of the generated images. These commands include:

  • /stylize
    • Command: /stylize [style]
    • Description: Apply a specific style to the generated image by specifying the desired type as a parameter. Experiment with different varieties to achieve the artistic effect you want.

Quality Commands

You can utilize quality commands to influence the generation time and image quality. These commands include:

  • /beta
    • Command: /beta [value]
    • Description: Adjust the “beta” parameter to control the image generation quality. Higher values result in higher rates but longer generation times.
  • /hd
    • Command: /hd [on/off]
    • Description: Toggle high-definition mode on or off. Enabling HD mode enhances the image quality but might increase generation time.
  • /aspect
    • Command: /aspect [value]
    • Description: Set the aspect ratio of the generated image by specifying the desired value. This allows you to create pictures with specific proportions.
  • /w
    • Command: /w [value]
    • Description: Specify the width of the generated image in pixels. This command enables you to customize the image size according to your requirements.
  • /h
    • Command: /h [value]
    • Description: Specify the height of the generated image in pixels. Use this command to create images with a specific measurement.
  • /seed
    • Command: /seed [value]
    • Description: Set a specific seed value to influence the randomness of the generated image. Experiment with different seed values to explore diverse visual outcomes.

Additional Commands

Midjourney offers a range of additional commands to enhance your experience and provide further customization options. These commands include:

  • /sameseed
    • Command: /sameseed [on/off]
    • Description: Toggle the “sameseed” parameter to maintain consistency in generated images. Enabling this command ensures that reusing a seed produces the same result.
  • /no
    • Command: /no [value]
    • Description: Adjust the “no” parameter to control the noise in the generated image. Higher values introduce more noise, resulting in a distinct aesthetic.
  • /iw
    • Command: /iw [value]
    • Description: Control the intensity of the generated image by specifying the desired intensity weight. Higher values result in more prominent visual features.
  • /q
    • Command: /q [value]
    • Description: Set the quality of the generated image by adjusting the “q” parameter. Higher values improve the image quality at the expense of longer generation times.
  • /chaos
    • Command: /chaos [value]
    • Description: Inject controlled chaos into the generation process by manipulating the “chaos” parameter. Higher values introduce more unpredictability.
  • /stop
    • Command: /stop
    • Description: Halt the current generation process using the /stop command. This command can be helpful if you want to interrupt the generation and start a new one.

Managing Preferences and Settings

Midjourney also provides commands to manage your preferences and settings, allowing you to tailor the bot’s behavior to your needs. These commands include:

  • /settings
    • Command: /settings
    • Description: Access and modify various settings related to image generation, notification preferences, etc. The /settings control provides a convenient way to personalize your Midjourney experience.
  • /prefer
    • Command: /prefer [suffix]
    • Description: Customize the behavior of the generated image by using the /prefer command followed by a desired suffix. This command enables you to prioritize certain aspects of the image generation process.

Exploring Additional Functionality

Apart from the core image generation and settings management commands, Midjourney offers additional functionality to enhance your experience. These commands include:

  • /ask
    • Command: /ask [question]
    • Description: Have a question about Midjourney or need assistance? Use the /ask command followed by your question, and Midjourney will provide you with the relevant information.
  • /daily_theme
    • Command: /daily_theme
    • Description: Discover the daily theme for image generation by using the /daily_theme command. This feature adds an element of surprise and creativity to your artistic endeavors.
  • /docs
    • Command: /docs
    • Description: Access the official documentation and user guides for Midjourney using the /docs command. It’s a valuable resource to deepen your understanding of the bot’s functionalities and features.
  • /faq
    • Command: /faq
    • Description: Retrieve answers to frequently asked questions about Midjourney using the /faq command. It’s a quick way to find solutions and gain insights into common queries.
  • /returns
    • Command: /returns
    • Description: If you need to return to a previous prompt or step, the /returnscommand allows you to revisit earlier stages in the image generation process. It’s a handy feature that enables you to iterate and refine your ideas.

Bot Channels and Community Interaction

To fully leverage the capabilities of Midjourney’s capabilities, familiarize yourself with the bot channels available on the official Midjourney Discord server. 

These bot channels are specific channels where the Midjourney Bot is authorized to process commands and interact with users. They are categorized into various sections, including:

  1. Newcomer Rooms
  2. Thread Channels
  3. Themed Image Gen
  4. General Image Gen

Make sure to use the appropriate bot channels based on the nature of your query or command. Engaging with the Midjourney community and sharing your creations can provide valuable feedback, inspiration, and an opportunity to connect with fellow users.

The Midjourney Bot on Discord offers a wide range of commands to empower users to create stunning images based on text prompts. 

Midjourney provides a comprehensive toolkit for unleashing your creativity. Whether you utilize this service or the other popular alternatives to Midjourney, we now have powerful tools to assist us in various productive purposes.

By following this comprehensive list of commands, you can navigate the exciting world of Midjourney with ease. 

Experiment, explore, and let your imagination run wild as you discover the endless possibilities and artistic control Midjourney offers.

Remember, the only limit is your creativity!