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“The Ultimate A.I Agency Pack” is the ORIGINAL AI SHORTCUT for generating more clients, customers and revenue online… no matter what product or service you offer.

Why? Because you get over 5 proven AI courses for ABSOLUTELY EVERY STEP of launching your own A.I Agency and getting your next 10 clients.

That’s right!

You get INSTANT Training On A.I Marketing…  A.I sales funnels… A.I ad copy (Facebook™, TikTok™, YouTube™ etc)… A.i email sequences… A.I landing pages… upsell pages… A.I customer service replies… and much much more…

PLUS… you get every other piece of A.I marketing content and business process you’ll ever need to start or grow your business online!

Best of all, it frees up your time so you can focus on what you do best… so it’s perfect for course creators, coaches, consultants, failing non A.I businesses, service providers, digital marketers, agencies and ANY business that needs to sell more online.

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There are 5 Modules in this Bundle Course:

A.I. Tools to Write Converting Landing Pages & Websites

A.I. Tools for Social Media Design

A.I. Tools for Marketing (English and Arabic Certification)

A.I. in Marketing and Sales

A.I Copywriting with Artificial Intelligence

📁 Course 1: A.I Tools to Make Your Next 10 Sales
📁 Course 2 AI Tools to Generate your Next 100 Leads
📁 Course 3: A.I to Build Your Own Agency [Beginner to Advanced]

The Ultimate A.I Agency Starter Pack is perfect for...

"Elevated from beginner to pro in AI prompts. Essential for AI excellence."

Alexa R., Data Scientist

"Opened career doors in AI tech. Invaluable hands-on learning."

Jordan T., Tech Entrepreneur

"Enhanced my AI research with practical prompt engineering skills."

Samuel L., Research Analyst

"Revolutionized my AI interactions. Comprehensive and expert-led."

Mia B., Software Developer

Here's How Easy It Is To Succeed With our A.I Agency Pack ...

Whats included?

  • A.I to build your own agency (Beginner to Advanced)
  • A.I tools course For Social Media Design
  • A.I tools course To Make your next 10 sales
  • A.I tools course To generate your next 100 leads
  • A.I Tools course to write converting landing pages & Websites
  • A.I to create your next website design
  • A.I to create your next landing page in minutes
  • A.I to create 3D designs to WOW your customers

You’re Just Moments Away From Getting Paid Thousands For Your New A.I Services (Funnels, Emails, Ads, Business Tasks… and More!)

It’s true what they’re saying about ChatGPT…

You really can get an endless stream of high-quality leads & sales for your business (or your client’s businesses).

Using A.I.

I mean, from our experience A.I clients pay up to DOUBLE the service fees 

… all while pestering you LESS.

They desire services such as Facebook ads, sales funnels, emails, YouTube Ads, content and way more.

A.I Agencies provide your with the competitive edge.


Because you can produce more than 5X the results in more than HALF the time. 

But you have to use A.I the RIGHT way.

If you’ve already had a play with ChatGPT, then you know what we’re talking about.

The stuff it creates is decent enough quality… But it’s not World-Class quality.

It’s not the kind of quality you’d be comfortable charging a client thousands for.

Our AI Breakthrough…

So we went back to doing what we do best… testing and measuring things.

But in the back of our mind, this whole AI thing kept bugging us.

What if there was a way to control the AI in such a way that it gave you the kind of speed to market & results we wanted.

So we logged back into ChatGPT 

And boy was it worth it!

We realised, that with every bad input = bad output.

So All we had to learn was how to add great INPUTS.


Once we realised this it all changed… 

We started implementing GREAT INPUTS to every single useful A.I tool we could find.

… before you know it we were able to run our whole company using A.I.

Lead generation -> New Sales -> Customer Referrals

Pretty mind-blowing…

And now it’s your turn to profit from this A.I System (You Will Not Find This Anywhere else).
We’ve taken everything we’ve learned about A.I… and literally created an entire copy and paste system so you can launch your own A.I agency & start charging your clients THOUSANDS:

RRP: $597

Today Just
$87 (One Time!)

This is your guaranteed shortcut to AI content success…

Forget about hiring expensive copywriters, or wasting hours staring at a blank screen.

Now you can get all the high-converting ChatGPT prompts you’ll ever need to sell your products & services online.

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Here's All The Amazing Done-For-You A.I Agency Courses You Get Today For Just $87...

Launch your A.I Agency

Write PERFECT A.I Copy & Content

Build A Website In Minutes Using A.I

Get Clients With A.i
(They pay thousands)

Automate Your A.I Agency With A.I

Yes… You’re Getting Well Over 5+ A.I Agency Courses For Every Part Of Your Business!

AI is starting to completely change the future of Online Business. So Get AHEAD Of The Curve with our BUNDLE.

Behind-The-Scenes Videos Reveal How “AI Experts” Are Already Using Easy to Use AI Tools To do Their Get clients, Boost Their Income, Grow Their Income presence and Automate their LIFESTYLE.
All In 1 Day/Week

"Stayed ahead in corporate strategy with top-notch expertise."

“The comprehensive courses at Nexttrain Academy have been instrumental in keeping me ahead of the curve in the corporate world. The knowledge I’ve gained about blockchain is now a crucial part of our company’s strategy, thanks to the top-notch instructors and their real-world expertise.”

– Michael B., Senior Executive

"Updated skills, expanded consultancy opportunities. Superb learning environment."

“As a freelance consultant, staying updated with the latest skills is crucial. Nexttrain Academy’s blockchain courses have opened up new avenues for my consultancy business. The learning environment is superb, combining expert knowledge with a supportive community that fosters growth and innovation.”

Olivia W., Freelance Consultant

"Elevated from beginner to pro in AI. Essential for AI excellence."

“The AI Prompt Engineering Certificate course was a game-changer. It took me from a beginner to a pro in crafting effective AI prompts. A must for anyone looking to excel in AI applications.”

–  Alexa R., Data Scientist

"Enhanced my AI research with practical prompt engineering skills."

“As a research analyst, this course gave me the tools to effectively utilize AI in my work. The balance of theory and practical exercises was perfect for understanding prompt engineering.”

Samuel L., Research Analyst

"Opened career doors in AI tech. Invaluable hands-on learning."

“Completing the AI Prompt Engineering course has opened new doors in my tech career. The hands-on approach and real-world applications were invaluable. Highly recommend for anyone pursuing AI innovation.”

Jordan T., Tech Entrepreneur

"Revolutionized my AI interactions. Comprehensive and expert-led."

“This course transformed the way I interact with AI systems. The comprehensive curriculum and expert guidance on prompt crafting have been pivotal in my professional growth.”

Mia B., Software Developer

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