Welcome to the AI Marketing Tools Tutorial, your comprehensive guide to leveraging the power of artificial intelligence in your marketing endeavours. In this course, we will explore Jasper.ai, an innovative AI platform designed to revolutionise digital content creation. Whether you’re a marketer, entrepreneur, or content creator, Jasper.ai offers a suite of tools and features to enhance your workflow and maximise your marketing efforts.

Course Curriculum

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Module 1: Introduction to Jasper.ai
Module 2: Add the Chrome Browser Extension
Module 3: Settings and Team Members
Module 4: Templates
Module 5: Processing the Output
Module 6: Recipes in Boss Mode
Module 7: The AI Art Generator
Module 8: The Jasper Art Generator - Basic Side
Module 9: Jasper Art Parameters
Module 10: Using the Jasper Commands Template
Module 11: Organising Your Output
Module 12: Content Editor in Boss Mode
Module 13: Improving and Rewriting Content
Module 14: Allow Jasper to Determine Your Writing Tone
Module 15: Summarise Your Content With Jasper
Module 16: Create A Product Name With Jasper
Module 17: Write an Answer to a Quora Question
Module 18: Allow Jasper to Write a Personal Bio
Module 19: Creating A Unique Value or Selling Proposition with Jasper
Module 20: Creating Video Content for YouTube Using Jasper