Module 1: Start an Account with ChatGPT
Module 2: What the Company OpenAI Says About Itself
Module 3: What OpenAI Says About the Limitations of the Chatbot
Module 4: Chatbot Prompt Examples Given by Open AI
Module 5: Will ChatGPT be a Paid Application
Module 6: ChatGPT - Idea Generation
Module 7: ChatGPT - Idea Qualification and Accuracy
Module 8: ChatGPT - Accuracy and Citations
Module 9: ChatGPT - Creating HTML Instances
Module 10: ChatGPT - How to Solve Specific Business Problems
Module 11: ChatGPT - Statistical Verification of Information
Module 12: ChatGPT - Rewrite Content for Different Contexts
Module 13: ChatGPT - Content Checked With AI
Module 14: ChatGPT - Simplifying Information
Module 15: ChatGPT - How to Ask the Chatbot about Context
Module 16: ChatGPT - How to Cross-Post Queries
Module 17: ChatGPT - How to Narrow Down the Context of Your Query
Module 18: ChatGPT - How to Solve a Business Process
Module 19: ChatGPT - Developing a Methodology From Experts
Module 20: The Future of ChatGPT