Design and Development with AI – Certification

Unleash your creativity and elevate your design skills with our exclusive bundle of courses, specially curated for aspiring designers, creative enthusiasts, and professionals alike. Get hands-on with the latest AI-powered tools that are transforming the design industry, and earn a certification upon completion!

Course Highlights:

1 – AI-Powered UI Design with Figma: Master the fundamentals of Figma, a leading design tool, and harness the power of AI to design stunning, user-friendly websites from scratch. Learn to create and customize UI components, design responsive layouts, and supercharge your designs with AI-driven tools.
2 – Prototyping with Framer: Discover the powerful features of Framer for interactive and animated prototype creation. Explore design, code, and collaboration functionalities, and learn to build intricate prototypes directly within the tool, regardless of your coding experience.
3 – Uizard Design-to-Code: Revolutionize your design workflow with Uizard, an AI tool that automatically converts designs into code. Create stunning interfaces without coding using intuitive drag-and-drop tools, and streamline your design process.
4 – Playground AI for Digital Art Creation: Explore the innovative platform of Playground AI to generate unique AI art based on textual descriptions. Learn how to use this versatile tool for digital art creation, concept visualization, graphic design projects, storytelling, prototyping, social media content, and more.
5 – How to Navigate Microsoft Designer: Navigate the features of Microsoft Designer, an AI design tool that transforms creative ideas into stunning designs. Learn to interact with the AI chatbox, use templates, incorporate personal media, enhance designs with visuals, add styled text, and create a consistent brand kit.
This comprehensive bundle includes engaging video tutorials, practical examples, hands-on exercises, and insights from industry experts. You’ll acquire the confidence and proficiency needed to excel in the world of AI-powered design.

Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to enhance your design expertise, create unforgettable user experiences, and unlock your full potential as a world-class designer. Sign up for our “Design and Development with AI – Certification” bundle today and earn a certification upon course completion!

1 - UI Design
2 - No-code Website with Framer
3 - AI Powered UI Design – Uizard.io
4 - (Bonus Video) Designs UI with AI Prompts
5 - Design with Playground AI
6 - AI Design Tool |Microsoft AI Designer

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