Video Lesson

For the past seven years, our research team, led by Michael Abrash, has been pioneering technologies for immersive experiences. These innovations span displays, audio, hand and eye tracking, AI, and more, aiming to craft a connected metaverse. A significant focus is on avatars, striving for both realism and stylization to make virtual interactions feel genuine. Our advancements include photo-realistic avatars, showcasing detailed facial expressions and features like individual skin pores. Moreover, we’re enhancing self-expression with accurate hair, skin, and clothing simulations. The objective is to let users tweak their appearance, akin to real-world grooming or dressing up. We’re also creating virtual environments. An example is a 3D mock apartment, which is not just a static image but a real-time rendered space, allowing interactions like moving objects. This initiative bridges the gap between the physical and virtual, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the metaverse.