AI for 3D Modeling and Scans

Ai for 3d modeling and scans course

Luma AI is a beginner-friendly tool that lets you capture 3D objects easily using your smartphone or tablet. This AI for 3d modeling uses Structure from Motion, which involves taking multiple photos of an object from different angles.

The tutorial guides you through the process on the Lumalabs.ai website. iPhone users can use the Luma app, while Android users can upload videos directly through their browser. After recording, you can upload the video to the Luma dashboard, where you can edit it and download the 3D scene.

The tutorial for AI for 3d modeling explains how to edit camera movements, add keyframes, and create effects. You can also colour-fill missed areas and adjust video quality. Luma AI has the potential to revolutionise gaming, AR/VR, and 3D printing. It’s an innovative tool that changes how we interact with the world.

Introduction to 3D Scans with AI

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