Boost Productivity with AI

Here is an overview of the free tutorials that will be covered in this course:

Browse.ai: This tutorial guides users through the process of using Browse.ai, a powerful tool that can extract and monitor data from any website without needing to code. The tutorial explains how to sign up, navigate the dashboard, use pre-built robots, build a new custom robot, and how to extract structured data. With clear step-by-step instructions, it equips users to monitor specific information from websites and to extract data in both a simple output and spreadsheet form.

Content Forge: This tutorial provides a comprehensive overview of Content Forge, an AI-powered tool designed to simplify and expedite the content creation process. Users are guided through steps such as signing in, creating and managing documents, using the AI content generator, customizing document settings, inviting other users for collaboration, and utilizing additional tools for creating engaging content like Facebook ads. By the end of this tutorial, users should have a firm grasp on how to maximize the benefits of Content Forge for their content writing and creation needs.

Gamma.ai: This tutorial provides a detailed walkthrough of Gamma AI, a versatile tool that aids in the creation of engaging presentations, documents, and webpages. It guides users from account creation through to project export, explaining the process of initiating a new AI-guided project, customizing its content type and theme, using the AI editor for refining content, importing external documents for conversion into Gamma’s unique ‘card’ format, and even transforming large amounts of text into presentation format with ‘Text to Deck Mode’. The tutorial concludes by showing users how to export their finished projects as PDFs. This comprehensive guide offers a clear roadmap to leveraging the capabilities of Gamma AI effectively.

Numerous.ai: This tutorial provides a step-by-step guide on how to use Numerous.ai, an AI-powered tool that integrates with Google Sheets to assist in data analysis and spreadsheet tasks. The tutorial covers the installation of Numerous.ai as a Google Sheets add-on and then introduces its key features, including the ‘=AI()’ function for educated guesswork and text summarization, the ‘=INFER()’ function for learning and performing repetitive tasks, the ‘=WRITE()’ function for generating written content such as marketing copy or SEO descriptions, and the formula generation feature that creates complex spreadsheet formulas based on plain English descriptions. The tutorial emphasizes Numerous.ai’s potential to significantly improve efficiency and productivity when working with spreadsheets.

Petalica Paint: This tutorial provides a detailed guide on how to use Petalica Paint, an AI-powered tool that aids users in enhancing and colorizing their sketches. The tutorial walks users through navigating to the website, selecting or uploading an image, choosing a colorization style, adding color hints for custom coloring, enhancing line art for a polished look, and downloading the final product. By the end of this tutorial, users will have a clear understanding of how to leverage Petalica Paint’s innovative features to streamline and enrich their creative process.

Prime Voice: This tutorial provides a detailed walkthrough on how to effectively utilize Prime Voice, an AI tool designed to generate human-like voices. It guides users through the steps of signing up or logging into the platform, navigating their personal dashboard, using the speech synthesis feature to transform text into speech, reviewing their history of generated speech clips, creating a digital clone of their own voice in the Voice Lab, and exploring the Voice Library to find voices made by other users. By the end of this tutorial, users will be fully equipped to utilize the wide array of voice generation capabilities offered by Prime Voice.

Texta.ai: This course offers an in-depth exploration of AI-powered content generation with hands-on experience. Through the course, you’ll master various tools like Texta.ai, Prime Voice, Petalica Paint, and more. It’s designed for all skill levels and provides practical knowledge for creating engaging content, transforming voiceovers, enhancing artwork, and managing data, making it a must for content creators, artists, and data enthusiasts.

Browse.ai - English
Content Forge - English
Gamma.ai - English
Numerous.ai - English
Petalica Paint - English
Prime Voice - English
Texta.ai - English
Browse.ai - Arabic
Gamma.ai - Arabic
Numerous.ai - Arabic
Prime Voice - Arabic
Texta.ai - Arabic

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