AI for Architects - Maket.ai

Maket, an AI-powered design tool, redefines the creation and visualization of architectural designs, offering a streamlined approach for professionals and homeowners alike.

Simplifying Design Creation

Users can effortlessly generate residential plans, visualize interior and exterior designs, and stage homes through text prompts or predefined options. Maket’s intuitive interface ensures ease of use and accessibility for all users, irrespective of their expertise.

Enhanced Features for Efficiency

With its ‘my designs’ feature, Maket enables the saving and easy revisitation of projects, promoting a seamless workflow. This innovative tool significantly simplifies complex design processes and enhances overall efficiency.

Support and Guidance

For added convenience, Maket provides access to a comprehensive help center, ensuring users receive guidance whenever needed. Whether professionals seeking precise designs or homeowners exploring creative ideas, Maket caters to diverse needs, simplifying the architectural design landscape.