Boosting Productivity with AI

The course provides comprehensive tutorials on seven diverse AI-powered tools:

1. Browse.ai: This tutorial guides users through website data extraction without coding. Covering signup, dashboard navigation, robot usage, custom robot creation, and structured data extraction, it ensures adeptness in monitoring specific website information.

2. Content Forge: Offering a holistic view, it simplifies content creation through AI. Users learn sign-in, document creation, AI content generation, customization, collaboration, and content creation like Facebook ads, enabling maximized utilization.

3. Gamma.ai: This tutorial showcases Gamma AI’s creation capabilities for presentations, documents, and webpages. From project initiation to export, users learn AI-guided project setup, customization, content refinement, external document import, and ‘Text to Deck Mode’ for presentations.

4. Numerous.ai: Exploring Numerous.ai’s integration with Google Sheets, users learn the add-on installation and functionalities like ‘=AI()’ for educated guesses, ‘=INFER()’ for learning, ‘=WRITE()’ for content generation, and formula creation from plain language descriptions, focusing on efficiency in spreadsheet work.

5. Petalica Paint: Focusing on sketch enhancement, it covers image selection, colorization styles, custom coloring, line art enhancement, and final image download using Petalica Paint’s innovative features.

6. Prime Voice: A comprehensive guide covering signup, dashboard navigation, speech synthesis, history review, voice cloning, and exploring the Voice Library, ensuring a deep understanding of voice generation capabilities.

7. Texta.ai: This course offers hands-on exploration of Texta.ai and other AI tools, catering to various skill levels in content creation, voiceovers, artwork enhancement, and data management, tailored for content creators, artists, and data enthusiasts seeking extensive AI tool training.