Introduction to Web 3.0

The course on Web 3.0 provides a comprehensive exploration of the internet’s future landscape. It covers:

1. Evolution to Web 3.0: Understanding the transition from traditional web structures to a decentralized, intelligent space through Semantic Webs and predictions for its development.

2. Technical Skills: Modules dive into crucial technical skills like JavaScript, Rust, and prominent blockchain platforms, offering hands-on learning opportunities.

3. Terminology and Security: Demystifying Web 3.0 terminologies and emphasizing security aspects essential in this decentralized landscape.

4. Investment Opportunities: Exploring potential investment prospects within the realm of Web 3.0.

This course equips learners with a deep understanding of Web 3.0, preparing them to navigate this transformative era of digital interactions confidently. Upon completion, participants will have gained insights into the architectural shift in the internet, honed technical competencies, understood the significance of security, and identified potential investment avenues within the decentralized web space.