As a small business owner, or even a marketing professional who has just started exploring this industry,  marketing can be extremely tricky. 

With all the rules and regulations and the 100 different ways of marketing the same thing, when you add AI to the mix, things can become confusing indeed. 

That’s why YOU need to sign up for this course today to gain a deeper understanding of how businesses in a wide variety of industries can get the most out of this exciting technology.

What you'll learn

This course includes:

  • Step-by-step guidance in online learning to ensure you emerge with job-ready skills.
  • Access to cutting-edge AI tools for marketing and future-proof skills.
  • Comprehensive training tailored for entrepreneurs, marketers, and anyone seeking to excel in AI-driven marketing.

Course content:

📃Visual design and creation using AI tools.

📃Image creation with Midjourney

📃Copywriting strategies to boost content engagement.

📃Content creation with Canva + AI


📃Video production techniques with AI-driven actors and voice overs.

  • Visual design and creation using AI tools.
  • Video production techniques with AI-driven actors and voice overs.
  • Copywriting strategies to boost content engagement.
  • Image creation with Midjourney
  • Content creation with Canva + AI

Where there’s marketing, there’s innovation, and that’s what we aim to do with “Workforce of the Future,” a unique online training series by NextTrain.io

Our comprehensive e-learning series focuses on upskilling students, professionals and business-owners with cutting-edge technologies to prepare them for the rapidly evolving industry. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, marketer, or aiming to future-proof your skill set, this course provides practical knowledge and hands-on experience to navigate the world of AI-driven marketing effectively.


  • Basic Knowledge of AI: Familiarity with fundamental concepts of artificial intelligence and machine learning.
  • Commitment to Learning: Dedication to completing the course requirements, including lectures, assignments, and projects, to gain a comprehensive understanding of AI prompt engineering.
  • Desire to Innovate: A passion for exploring new ideas and creating innovative solutions using AI prompt engineering techniques.

Who this course is for:

  • Beginners in AI: Individuals who are new to AI and want to learn how to craft intelligent prompts for AI systems.
  • AI Professionals: Professionals working in the field of AI who want to enhance their knowledge and expertise in prompt engineering.
  • Developers: Software developers who want to specialize in creating prompts for AI models.
  • Data Scientists: Data scientists who want to improve their skills in crafting contextually appropriate prompts for AI applications.
  • Entrepreneurs: Entrepreneurs who are interested in leveraging AI technologies and want to understand how to create effective prompts for AI systems.
  • Researchers: Researchers who want to explore the latest advancements in AI prompt engineering and apply them to their research projects.
  • Anyone Interested in AI: Individuals with a curiosity about AI and a desire to learn how to create prompts that drive accurate AI responses.

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