Software Development


Explore Uizard, the AI UI tool simplifying design-to-code processes, empowering creativity without coding.


AI Design Tool - Microsoft AI Designer

Master Microsoft Designer for professional designs with modules on templates, visuals, text, and branding.


AI for 3D Modeling and Scans

Luma AI simplifies 3D object capture via smartphones/tablets, revolutionizing gaming, AR/VR, and 3D printing.


No-Code Website with Framer

Master Framer for interactive prototypes, from basics to advanced animations, regardless of coding experience.


Learning Augmented Reality - Beginners

Adobe Aero: Empowering designers to create immersive AR experiences with ease and collaboration.


Exploring Fliki.ai

Fliki: AI-powered Text to Speech & Video transforms content for diverse audience engagement.


Design and Development with AI - (Certification) Bundle

Empower your design skills with our AI-focused bundle. Master Figma, Uizard, Playground AI, and more


Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

Delve into AI with a comprehensive Portuguese course. Cover basic concepts, ML, deep learning, NLP, and more.


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