UI Design & AI (Intermediate)

UI Design & AI (Intermediate)” is a cutting-edge course that explores the intersection of user interface design and artificial intelligence, focusing on how AI can transform the way interfaces are conceived, developed, and utilized. This course covers the fundamentals of integrating AI into UI design to create personalized, adaptive user experiences that anticipate and respond to individual preferences in real-time. Through practical modules, including AI-driven recommendations in Figma, AI usability testing with tools like Lyssna, and automating web and app design with Uizard AI, participants will gain hands-on experience in leveraging AI to enhance design efficiency, usability, and collaboration. Ethical considerations and future trends in AI-integrated UIs are also examined, ensuring designers are equipped to make informed, responsible decisions in their work. This course is essential for UI/UX designers, product managers, and anyone interested in the future of digital product design, providing the skills to innovate and excel in the rapidly evolving field of UI design and AI.