Course Subjects

Upskill, reskill or pursue a passion with courses across every subject, whether you’re a beginner or already an


UI Design & AI - Workforce of the Future

Master UI design using Figma and AI tools in our crash course at NextTrain.io.


AI Prompt Engineering - Certification

Gain expertise in AI Prompt Engineering with our comprehensive course, unlocking vast career opportunities.


Introduction to Quantum AI

Unlock the synergy between Quantum Computing and AI across six comprehensive modules.


Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

Delve into AI with a comprehensive Portuguese course. Cover basic concepts, ML, deep learning, NLP, and more.



Sales & Marketing (Intermediate)

Master AI for Sales & Marketing: Predictive analytics, personalized content, chatbots, social media listening, and more.


AI Prompt Engineering (Intermediate)

Explore AI Prompt Engineering: Enhance creativity, overcome blocks, and collaborate using ChatGPT, Taskade AI, and more.


UI Design & AI (Intermediate)

Discover AI’s impact on UI design: Personalization, automation, and ethics. Hands-on experience with Figma, Lyssna, Uizard AI.


Quantum AI (Intermediate)

Explore Quantum AI: Merge quantum computing with AI for advanced problem-solving. Hands-on with IBM, Qiskit, Microsoft.


Software Development

No-Code Website with Framer

Master Framer for interactive prototypes, from basics to advanced animations, regardless of coding experience.


AI for Architects - Maket.ai

Maket: AI-driven design tool simplifying architectural visualization, perfect for professionals and homeowners.


Learning Augmented Reality - Beginners

Adobe Aero: Empowering designers to create immersive AR experiences with ease and collaboration.


Design and Development with AI - (Certification) Bundle

Empower your design skills with our AI-focused bundle. Master Figma, Uizard, Playground AI, and more.


AI Chatbots for Lead Generation

Elevate lead generation with AI chatbots. Design, automate, and optimize to boost conversions and business growth.


Sales & Marketing

AI Tool for Marketing (English & Arabic) - Certification

Join ‘Workforce of the Future’ by NextTrain.io for AI-driven Marketing Content Creation expertise.



Explore Uizard, the AI UI tool simplifying design-to-code processes, empowering creativity without coding.


Unleashing Creativity with InVideo

Master InVideo.io: Standard editing tools and AI-powered ‘Text to AI Video’ transformations.


No Code Apps with Bubble.io

Bubble.io simplifies web app creation with no-code design, perfect for startups’ digital solutions.


AI Design Tool - Microsoft AI Designer

Master Microsoft Designer for professional designs with modules on templates, visuals, text, and branding.


AI for 3D Modeling and Scans

Luma AI simplifies 3D object capture via smartphones/tablets, revolutionizing gaming, AR/VR, and 3D printing.


Exploring Fliki.ai

Fliki: AI-powered Text to Speech & Video transforms content for diverse audience engagement.


Cohesive AI

Cohesive: The ultimate content creation tool offering 200+ templates, brand consistency, and factual accuracy.


AI In Marketing and Sales

Elevate marketing with NextTrain.io’s AI course. Master AI tools for visuals, videos, and content.


Copywriting with Artificial Intelligence

Boost copywriting with AI tools: Frase.io, CopyLeaks, ChatGPT, and Python for compelling, SEO-friendly content.


ChatGPT MasterClass

Master AI Tools with a Masterclass from YouTube.


Enterprise Excellence

Boosting Productivity with AI

Free tutorials on AI tools like Browse.ai, Content Forge, Gamma.ai, Numerous.ai, Petalica Paint, Prime Voice.


Introduction to Web 3.0

Free tutorials on AI tools like Browse.ai, Content Forge, Gamma.ai, Numerous.ai, Petalica Paint, Prime Voice.


Design with Playground AI

Maket: AI-driven design tool revolutionizing architectural visualization for professionals and homeowners.


The Metaverse 3 parts

Dive into the metaverse’s transformative potential, covering safety, inclusivity, and ethical considerations in technology.


Mastering Ethical AI

Delve into AI ethics: transparency, bias impact, and real-world dilemmas. Ideal for career growth in ethical AI.


Web3 social media

Revolutionize social networks with Web3: Learn architecture, development, and marketing in six modules.


AI for Business Process Automation

Learn AI tools like UiPath, ABBYY, and Zapier for efficient, automated business process workflows.